Taking Stock of Women’s Health

Women have battled and continue to battle for equality. Apart from societal, educational, and occupational opportunities, women also deserve the right to vital, quality, and specialized healthcare. Even though efforts to bring women’s health to the forefront have led to many advances in the field, the picture is by no means perfect – especially for…

Reproductive and Sexual Health Through Sport for Development

Reproductive and sexual health rights include social, political, and economic inequalities that affect women’s and girls’ access to reproductive and sexual healthcare services and education. Core components of reproductive justice include equal access to safe abortion, affordable contraceptives, and comprehensive sex education, as well as freedom from sexual and gender-based violence (GBV). When we talk…

Period Poverty in Kenya: Menstrual Health is Fundamental in Building Women’s Agency

Menstrual health, gender equality, and poverty are strongly connected. Inadequate menstrual hygiene affects populations in the Global South, and women living in poverty are especially vulnerable.   Poverty affects 65% of Kenyan women who can’t afford basic sanitary pads. Lack of water sanitation services increases the risk of reproductive infections. Globally, 2.3 billion people lack…

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