Celebrating Impact and Gratitude: Lightup Impact’s Fundraiser in Vienna

We were delighted to meet and mingle with 22 incredibly dedicated and generous Lightup Impact supporters at our recent fundraiser event in Vienna. The event was our first in-person meeting of 2024 and gave us a chance to properly launch our new monthly giving program and share updates on our recent impact and plans for the year ahead.

Celebrating impact and gratitude

Our donors play a pivotal role in the success of our programs, activities, and, ultimately, our organization and mission. Launching a monthly giving program was an essential next step to ensuring the longevity of our efforts toward building an ecosystem of successful and sustainable grassroots organizations in East Africa that drive social change. 


The event in Vienna provided a unique opportunity for our community of contributors to learn more about and reflect on the substantial impact they have helped us and our members create with their generous donations — amounting to roughly €22 000 over the last couple of years. It was also important for us to underscore the significance of their continued support through our new monthly giving program and the advantages for them of doing so.  


Through the steadfast support of our donors, we have united young grassroots leaders, orchestrated engaging networking events, launched skills development programs, and significantly enhanced the lives of women and children in East African communities.


With the recurring donations from our monthly giving program, we will amplify this impact and create an even more robust network of positive change in the Global South.  


Learn more about the benefits of joining a monthly giving program and consider joining ours here. Also, keep an eye out for our upcoming Annual Report 2022-2023. In the meantime, you can read more about our impact in last year’s report and our Lightup Impact Days 2023 report

Gratitude to all our supporters

Thank you to all those who took the time to attend, donate, and join our program. Your support is invaluable to our mission and very much appreciated. Through this event, we gained 15 new subscribers to our monthly giving program, amounting to €6 660, and raised €500 through one-time donations, raffle participation, and the vibrant African Market stand. These generous contributions underscore the strength of a community driven by a shared commitment to creating positive change and are never overlooked.

Celebrating Impact and Gratitude: Lightup Impact's Fundraiser in Vienna
Our CEO & Founder, Valeria, gives a short presentation on our impact created so far and plans for 2024.
Celebrating Impact and Gratitude: Lightup Impact's Fundraiser in Vienna
Beautiful crafts from our vibrant African market stand.
Celebrating Impact and Gratitude: Lightup Impact's Fundraiser in Vienna
Celebrating Impact and Gratitude: Lightup Impact's Fundraiser in Vienna
Our Annual Report 2022 and Lightup Impact Days 2023 Conference Report made an appearance too.

We would also like to give a big thank you to Viola and Anna Bachmayr-Heyda for their invaluable support in organizing and hosting our event at their beautiful and cozy Cafe Viola. It was the perfect setting for inspiring discussions between changemakers. 

Looking towards the future

Amidst the celebration of current achievements, the Lightup Impact team looks forward to unveiling future projects and initiatives. 


We invite anyone with a passion for creating sustainable social change for a more equitable and healthier world to join our mission and support it in whichever way possible.


Stay engaged and inspired, and participate actively in our ongoing journey of making a difference. The success of the Vienna event was just the beginning, serving as a catalyst for the boundless potential that lies ahead. Together, a lasting impact can be made, driven by the continued support of a dedicated community.


In an upcoming article, Lightup Impact will delve into the exciting initiatives and projects planned for the upcoming months. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media for the latest updates, opportunities to get involved, and avenues to contribute to the mission of fostering positive change in East Africa.


Your commitment to making a difference lights up our journey!

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