Civil society advocacy against gender-based violence in
East Africa

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7th December 2022


17:00 – 18:30 (EAT)

Why is this event happening?

Eliminating gender-based violence is one of the priorities of national development goals in East Africa. Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda are signatories of national, regional, and international agreements and policies (SDGs, Maputo Protocol, CEDAW, UDHR) that require action to uphold human rights, including the fundamental right to live free from violence. However, the elimination of gender-based violence cannot be achieved without strong civil society organizations to transform social practice, drive policy change and hold duty-bearers accountable. This places the leadership and deep engagement of civil society at the core of transformative and sustainable change in the elimination of violence against all genders. 

The event will launch a petition to be signed by civil society organizations in East Africa.

This event organized by Lightup Impact will be part of the international campaign “16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence” running between November 25th and December 10th. The event addresses the role and space of civil society advocacy on policy change on gender-based violence in Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. The event brings together community-based and non-governmental organizations, activists, and policymakers working to reduce gender-based violence on a local, national and regional level in East Africa. 

What we are aiming to achieve

  • What is the current state of gender-based violence locally and nationally in Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda? 
  • What is the role of civil society organizations in the policy advocacy of reducing gender-based violence? Is there freedom and access to civil society advocacy? Is there cooperation and dialogue currently between civil society and policymakers (locally, nationally, regionally, and internationally)?
  • How can CSOs jointly advocate for realistic policies and better implementation of policies to fight gender-based violence?
  • Have the national and regional policies been implemented and directed to the right actors and processes? Are there gaps or challenges in the implementation of current policies?
  • What current policy change and/or advocacy in implementation is needed to see a change in reducing gender-based violence? 
  • What is the message or demand you would send to development policymakers nationally and regionally?
  • What are key recommendations/demands to advocate in strategic decision-making (African Union,  Regional Economic Communities, East African Community) spaces in East Africa?

5:00 -5:10 pm: Welcome and introduction

5:10-5:50 pm: Panel Discussion

5:50-6:15 pm: Q&A

6:15-6:30 pm: Conclusion of event, Lightup Impact fundraiser 


Eeva Makinen


Lightup Impact

Dr. Sarah Musau,

Gifted Community Centre, GCC 



Harriet Kamashanyu

Founder & Team Lead

Rhythm of Life


Harriet is currently a KAS scholar pursuing a Master's degree in International relations & diplomatic studies at Makerere University-Uganda. She is a certified project management professional and a social entrepreneur that runs Rhythm of Life  

Marie Raissa Uwamungu

Founder & Exective Director

Impanuro Girls Initiative


Raissa is strongly passionate about the wellbeing of people with a focus on advocating for girls and women’s rights. She has completed The GenderPro Capacity Building & Credentialing Program, hosted at the George Washington University in partnership with UNICEF, and she is a Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) and Women in Innovation alumna.

Adrian Wangatiah

Centre for Rights Education & Awareness (CREAW)


A national feminist women’s right Non-Governmental Organization whose vision is a just society where women and girls enjoy full rights and live in dignity and mission is to champion, expand and actualise women’s and girls’ rights and social justice.

Magdalyne Were

GBV Coordinator, The Collaborative Centre for Gender and Development, Kenya


Magdalyne has 6 Years of extensive experience working in the development and Humanitarian sector (3 years in Refugee camp leading Gender mainstreaming and GBV/PSEA/SRH intervention. 3 Years working for local and International organizations championing prevention and response for GBV.) Her experiences have allowed her to implement sustainable programs that positively impact the communities she serves.

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