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Why a monthly giving program?

Building an ecosystem of successful and sustainable grassroots organizations in East Africa to drive social change is great! But it doesn’t come cheap. From administration to marketing, technology, and outreach, there is a great deal of expenses involved. Through recurring donations, you can help us achieve stability in the resources needed to cover essential operational costs and ensure the sustainability of our initiatives. 


Read more about the benefits of a monthly giving program here.


Donate to one of our programs through a monthly, quarterly, or annual donation.


Let’s dive into the Lightup Impact programs and activities that need your support! 

Lightup Impact Days Annual Conference

Community building is an integral part of our work and values. It’s through relationships and connections that young leaders can mobilize resources for their own organizations and ensure sustainable growth. 


At Lightup Impact Days 2023, under the theme, #Shift the Power,  we gathered over 150 participants, 70 of who are grassroots leaders and the rest NGOs, foundations, academics, social innovators, and corporates. Over the two-day in-person conference in Nairobi, we ignited transformative change.


Your support on this wonderful project will allow us to cover the transport and accommodation of the event’s Founder Committee (8 Lightup Impact members from East Africa) as well as provide free or discounted tickets to our Lightup Impact members. 


Read more about the impact of the Lightup Impact Days 2023 in our recent conference report.

Lightup Impact Days 2023 Shift The Power
2nd Lightup Impact Days Annual Conference

Skills development and innovation for impact

This program aims to equip young leaders of non-profit organizations in East Africa with the skills and capacity they require to scale the impact they are creating in their communities. 


We start by assessing and gaining a better understanding of their needs and co-create, with their active participation, training modules that can facilitate their growth. Some of the topics we might cover in online- and in-person sessions are leadership, advocacy, governance, fundraising, and communication skills. Our interventions will better prepare our members to mobilize resources in a sustainable way.  


With the support of 100 donors, we raised 15 000 Euros to launch our one-year pilot project with two of our member organizations, Usanii Village Africa (Uganda) and Soulevement Lives CBO (Kenya), in November 2023. 

Join Our Skills Development and Innovation for Impact Program

Join Our Skills Development and Innovation for Impact Program

Lightup Impact envisions a world where grassroots organizations are empowered and sustainable. To that end, we will be launching a Skills Development…

Your continued support will allow us to scale this program and reach even more organizations in the future! 

Founder tours and locally-led founder meetups

Lightup Impact is not just a network but a community of young grassroots leaders who share the same purpose of fighting inequalities in health and gender across East Africa. 


To foster community building, a local agency for collaboration and community-led activities is required. Locally-led meetups of local leaders for the exchange of learnings, challenges, and best practices require costs (e.g., transport and accommodation, refreshments, and marketing material).


In addition, by visiting our members and getting to know their activities and challenges first-hand, our team is better prepared to assist them in their growth journey as well as giving them visibility. 


You can learn more about the impact of in-person visits to some of our founders here.

Our operational costs

Running an organization is not an easy business. Our people are at the core of the work that we do, and yet often, grant money only offers a very small percentage of funds in support of our staff’s salaries. 


While NGOs have social impact at the core of their business, people working for NGOs are still people who have families and expenses to take care of. In addition to salaries, other operational costs include website costs (domain, hosting, WordPress), software (Hootsuite, Zoom), office costs (workspace, internet, laptops), work-related travel expenses, and attendance of workshops, training, or conferences. 

Our budget

Interested in learning more about how we finance our programs and activities? Check out our budget, where we detail how we plan to use the funds raised. 

Our previous fundraisers

Since Lightup Impact’s foundation in January 2021, most of our activities have been funded through our own investment (30 000 Euros) and two very successful crowdfunding campaigns where we raised an astonishing 22 000 Euros with the support of over 100 donors.


In 2021, we raised 4 327 Euros via an online crowdfunding campaign for our Founder Tour 2022. 


In 2022, we raised 16 015 Euros for our Skills Development and Innovation for Impact Program via an online crowdfunding campaign and one in-person and one online fundraiser event. 


We couldn’t be more grateful for the trust you have placed in us!

Lightup Impact Fundraiser event

Read more about the impact you're helping to create!

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Lightup Impact Days 2023 to #ShiftThePower

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Skills Development and Innovation Program – Meet the Participants

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We thank you very much for your support and commitment to our cause – we see it as a collective investment in a brighter future for us all. 

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