Elect the Lightup Impact Days 2023 Founder Committee!

We are thrilled to announce that voting for the Lightup Impact Days 2023 Founder Committee is now open. In a true community-driven approach, we are asking you to help shape our highly anticipated annual conference.


The Founder Committee will collaborate with our Lightup Impact team to plan and execute the conference taking place in September. Learn more about the committee here.


Thank you to everyone who showed interest in being part of the Founder Committee. We received 24 applications from our community members: 11 from Kenya, 3 from Rwanda, 4 from Uganda, and 3 from Tanzania.

The candidates

The Lightup Impact team rigorously reviewed all the applications and shortlisted the best candidates for public voting according to the following criteria:


  • Understanding of the committee member role
  • Understanding of the goal of Lightup Impact Days
  • Motivation to be part of the organizing committee
  • Relevant skills (e.g. event management, communication, networking, and organizational)
  • Alignment with Lightup Impact’s values
  • The overall quality of the application


As you will notice, Kenya has the biggest number of candidates shortlisted. This is due to the generally larger representation of founders from Kenya in our Lightup Impact Community.


We are glad to propose the following candidates for public voting (please follow the links below to read their statements):





How to vote

Select your two favorite candidates per country and vote via this form


Please note: voting is open to Lightup Impact Community members only, and will close on Thursday, June 1st.


Thank you for being part of this process and supporting Lightup Impact Days 2023.


Best of luck to all the candidates!
The Lightup Impact team

Author: Valeria Santoro, Lightup Impact

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