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Upcoming Events

Lightup Impact Day (3)

Lightup Impact Days 2022: Sustainable development of CBOs/NGOs in gender and health in East Africa: way forward?

Date: May 30th- 31st 2022, 9:00am - 6:00pm EAT (East African Time) Location: Chak Guest House, Musa Gitau Rd off Waiyaki Way Nairobi and Zoom for Live streamed sessions

Join us to learn more about the Lightup Impact community! The event will foster exchange, networking and collaboration between the Lightup Impact Community member organization and external partners to strengthen the organizational development of CBOs.

Past Events

Lightup Impact - Founder Showcase

January 13th, 13:00-14:30 EAT (East African Time) 11:00-12:30 CET (Central European Time), Zoom

Join us to learn more about the Lightup Impact network! The event will showcase the work of our member organizations in gender, health and development in Eastern Africa, and foster networking among and beyond the Lightup Impact network.

Share & Learn: Founder Roundtable

When and Where: November 18th, 13-14h (CET) /15-16h (EAT), Google Meet

Goal of the event

Share key learnings, challenges and solutions within our community.


Interactive discussion in smaller groups

Lightup Impact Community Meetup

When and where: September 22, 2021 1pm – 5pm (CET), Google Meet


We will be joined by guest speakers Farhia Jama, Founder of Holby Training Solutions and Elizabeth Okullow, Co-Founder of Aafri Fudi
13.00-13:10 Welcome and introduction of Lightup Impact team (Valeria, Eeva, Pedro, Jeniffer and Benedict)
13:10-13:50 Introduction of guest speakers and inspirational talk
13:50-14:00 Short break
14:00-14:50 Training I: Grant and proposal writing – Farhia Jama
14:50-15:00 Short break
15:00-15:30 Training II (Part I): Business Branding – Elizabeth Okullow
15:30-16:00 Training II (Part II): Personal Branding – Farhia Jama
16:00-17:00 Q&A and closing remarks

Join our community to register for the event. 

Guest speakers

Farhia Jama

Farhia Jama is the Co-founder of Holby Training Solutions. She is a Lead Business coach and consultant in various countries in Africa.She is a passionate 26 year old who is transforming Africa. She is the Author of Your Entrepreneurship Journey and 4 other books. She has trained over 800 people in Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria and Ghana. She was selected as the economic advocate on the Kenyan Presidential Unit summit to advise on job creations for youth. She is a Lawyer and Tax specialist by profession doing her final year in Masters. She started her entrepreneurship journey at 18 years of age.She is Passionate about empowering youth and marginalized communities to attain economic stability. She was recognized & awarded for transforming people across africa .She is advocating for quality education and long term sustainability programs.

Elizabeth Okullow

Elizabeth is a Co-founder of Aafri Fudi & Consultant at Holby Training Solution. She works with individuals and farmers to help them grow food using hydroponic technology. She believes that Africa can feed herself with the available resources. With a mission to work towards daily food availability through sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship, she is determined to promote food security in Africa. She has trained 1000+ people across Africa on Agribusiness. She has won awards such as Mandela Washington Fellowship and Africa YES Fellowship due to her outstanding work in Agribusiness. She is a Certified Agribusiness Manager and Hydroponic Technologist. Her work has been featured in Businessday in Nigeria and Daily Nation in Kenya. She has a background in Microbiology from Karatina University and certificate in Entrepreneurship and Leadership from ALX.

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Meet our changemakers

Team Members

1. Valeria Santoro (1)
Valeria Santoro

Founder & CEO (Austria)

hrvoje Cvija
Hrvoje Cvija

Business Development Consultant (Austria)

Chris-Irina (1)
Chris-Irina Sela

Community manager (Austria)

Jenifer Muganda Ohiwa
Jeniffer Muganda Ohiwa

Customer scouting (Kenya)

Eeva Makinen
Eeva Mäkinen

Communication Manager (Germany)

Benedict Ochieng Ogutu
Benedict Ochieng Ogutu

Customer Scouting (Kenya)

About us

We are a dynamic and international team all driven by passion and determination because we want to make a difference for the growth of our founders and ultimately for the lives of women and girls that need our guidance and support. We care, we share and we learn together while being focused on achieving our goals as a team.

Lets get in touch and collaborate

Follow us on social media to get updates on our progress in the women´s health and gender equality field. Any other question? Just drop us a line!

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