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Lightup Impact Founder Tour Fundraiser

Support seven gender organizations

in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda

The Lightup Impact Community supports gender and development organizations in East Africa, amplifying the underrepresented voices of early stage social entrepreneurs. The seven organizations selected to participate in our Founder tour 2022 and Fundraiser are based across Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, but they all share the same mission: fight inequalities in gender and health in Eastern Africa.

What is the goal of the Founder Tour Fundraiser?

All of the donations of the fundraiser will go directly to the seven shortlisted organizations which we will visit during the Founder Tour in spring 2022. The goal of the tour is get to know the seven social entrepreneurs in their everyday community life and give visibility to the impact of their projects. We will report the direct positive impact of your donations on the lives of women and children in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Work together with us and support our goal of improving the lives of children, girls and women in East Africa. Let’s all Lightup their impact together!

If you are able to contribute financially, we would love to count on your donation so we can achieve our 4000-euro target. As we value collaboration over competition, the amount raised will be equally divided among the seven social entrepreneurs participating in this fundraiser.
So with one donation you are actually supporting seven different causes!

Please note! If you experience issues donating by Mastercard on gofundme, either try a different card (VISA) or donate via paypal. 

What is the impact of your donation?

Challenges that women, children and vulnerable communities face today in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda

  • 7% of women in Kenya are living with HIV. COVID-19 is much more severe and deadly for HIV-positive women. Yet women lack information and transportation to get access to the vaccine in the rural areas.
  • 40% of people in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda live below the poverty line. Lack of education and economic empowerment result in unwanted teen pregnancies, drug abuse and sex exploitation. 
  • LBQ women in Kenya face discrimination, violence and violation of human rights.
  • 41% of women in Kenya reported having experienced physical or sexual violence from their husbands or partners in their lifetime. About two-fifths of those women reported physical injuries from the violence.

You can help seven social entrepreneurs on their mission to improve the lives of children and women in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Your donation will:

What you get in return for your donation

For 25 euro donation: you can gift friends and family one holiday card and the direct impact of your donation. See examples below. 


For 50 euro donation: you can gift friends and family 3threedifferent holiday cards and the direct impact of your donation.


For 100 euro donation: you will receive a thank you video from one of our social entrepreneurs.


For 200 euro or more donations: you will be invited to meet virtually all seven entrepreneurs and learn more about their projects.

How do I receive my reward?

You will receive a link in your thank you note where you can subscribe to get the Holiday cards rewards by email. Your Holiday cards will be sent to you on December 22-30 and on January 2-6. All thank you videos will also be sent by email but at the end of the campaign.

How can I donate?

You can donate through the campaign page or via PayPal through the link below. 

If you have any questions. please send us a message to

Watch our video to learn more about the impact of the fundraiser!

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About us

We are a dynamic and international team all driven by passion and determination because we want to make a difference for the growth of our founders and ultimately for the lives of women and girls that need our guidance and support. We care, we share and we learn together while being focused on achieving our goals as a team.

Lets get in touch and collaborate

Follow us on social media to get updates on our progress in the women’s health and gender equality field. Any other question? Just drop us a line!