Getting to Know Our Founder Advisory Board

Every month, members of the Lightup Impact Community come together for an online meeting. But our March meetup was a special one, as we introduced our newly elected Founder Advisory Board (FAB) members to our Lightup Impact Community.

Passing the torch

The meeting commenced with a special moment with the Founder Committee 2023 officially handing over the torch to our new FAB for the term 2024-2026. Valuable advice and words of encouragement were shared by experienced members:


  • Bernard from Uganda emphasized the importance of communication within the Founder Committee, highlighting its pivotal role in effective collaboration.
  • Muganyizi from Tanzania urged the FAB members to trust each other, drawing from the strong foundation of trust established in the previous committee.
  • Denyse from Rwanda reflected on her experience in the Founder Committee. She noted how it provided exposure and personal growth, shaping her into a confident leader.

Insights from our FAB

The speeches from the FAB members shed light on their priorities:


  • Rogers emphasized the importance of engaging with community members.
  • Harriet highlighted the collective power of the community when united.
  • Brenda advocated for inclusivity and innovation, emphasizing the importance of creating a safe and vocal space within the community.
  • Marcelina, a former member of the Founder Committee, expressed gratitude for the trust placed in her and emphasized the board’s role as representatives of the community.
  • Noel, also a former Founder Committee Member, expressed eagerness to collaborate with the community.
  • Jacqueline emphasized trust, mentorship, and support among board members, inspiring unity and guidance.
  • Salim, another former Founder Committee Member, mentioned that he carried forward the values from his previous role serving the Lightup Impact Community.

Community expectations

During the open discussion, the community emphasized several expectations they have from the FAB’s work together with Lightup Impact:


  • Strengthening of community members’ capacity and local agenda.
  • Good communication between the FAB and the community, including regular updates and newsletters.
  • Active participation, a supportive environment, diversity and inclusion, mentorship, and integrity from the FAB.


Furthermore, the community expressed specific expectations for the FAB:


  • Cultural diversity and inclusivity: The FAB should foster a sense of safety and belonging by ensuring cultural diversity.
  • Networking advocacy: The FAB should spearhead networking opportunities and advocate for the community’s specific needs.
  • Community representation: The FAB must act as a voice for the community, effectively representing and addressing their concerns.

During last year’s Lightup Impact Days conference, the participants expressed the importance of giving young visionary leaders a seat at the table. 


We took this feedback to heart and believe that by establishing the FAB, we are making significant strides towards true empowerment—shifting the power to our grassroots founders. This initiative is a true testament to Lightup Impact’s commitment to authenticity and community-driven change.


We look forward to the FAB’s contributions and embrace our journey together, advocating for positive change and amplifying the voices of those at the forefront of sustainable development and systems change within our community and beyond.

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