In alliance with our members, we guide them through the process of strengthening their organizations. Under our guidance and governance pillar, we have developed strategic interventions  to help new grassroots organizations navigate through their first 3-5 years.


Our activities are in close collaboration with the local county governments where these organizations are registered – an approach we believe is more successful in achieving long-term support and meaningful participation in local policy-making.

Our Aims

To create an orientation course for new founders in partnership with local county governments.

To create a digital database comprising all the local actors in their ecosystem of change.

This will provide newly registered grassroots organizations with the necessary support and give access to the following key information:


By filling the existing gaps together with local authorities we will be able to create a system change solution for all the newly registered grassroots organizations and increase their chances of success and long-term impact. With this system in place, the county governments will be able to better monitor the impact created by the local grassroots organizations and more easily integrate their development work into local governance and policy-making.

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We increase the visibility and impact of social organizations with a focus on women’s health and gender equality in Kenya. We support the growth of our founders through tailored mentoring and networking opportunities