Hexa Media and Lightup Impact Partner Up to Scale the Impact of African Nonprofits

We are delighted to announce that over the next six months, Lightup Impact and Hexa Media will be working together to scale the impact of African nonprofits.


Hexa Media is a leading marketing and communications consulting agency that supports nonprofits in reaching wider audiences, enhancing brand visibility, and maximizing their long-term sustainability. Lightup Impact is a community of 100+ early-stage, grassroots organizations in gender and health in East Africa. We empower our member organizations to become sustainable and scale their impact through networking, trust-based partnerships, skills and capacity development, and guidance. 


While Lightup Impact and Hexa Media have different approaches, we share values and the mission to strategically amplify the impact of African nonprofits through enhanced visibility, know-how, and shared learnings. 


This exciting collaboration allows us to leverage our shared and unique expertise to create valuable networking and learning opportunities for the nonprofits in our communities. We will focus on four key initiatives: knowledge sharing, heightened exposure, collaboration and networking, and skills development. 

Some of what we plan to achieve:

  • We will invite Hexa Media’s Humanitarian of Africa Award winners to take part in two Lightup Impact Community meetups to foster networking and collaboration.
  • Lightup Impact will provide one free webinar, “The Art of Pitching” or “How to Create an Engaging Annual Report,” to Hexa Media’s African Award winners.
  • We will assist each other in strengthening our respective marketing and communications campaigns for our annual conferences: Lightup Impact Days and Social Impact Summit 2023.
  • Our Lightup Impact Days 2023 Founder Committee will gain access to three of Hexa Media’s learning resources: Fundraising Ebook, Social Media Toolkit, and Leveraging AI for Your Nonprofit (all available in September).
  • Hexa Media will host a free webinar on a digital marketing service at Lightup Impact’s July community meetup.

We are thrilled to start this journey with Hexa Media, and we look forward to a fruitful partnership and collaboration. 

Visit Hexa Media’s blog post for additional information on our partnership and the four key initiatives!

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  1. Congratulations to Lightup Impact and Hexa Media. May this partnership create an immense impact on the grassroots organization in Africa.

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