Lightup Impact Online Public Event with Hexa Media

Hexa Media Illuminates the Path to a Successful Monthly Giving Program

On 26 October 2023, we were privileged to be joined by our partner Hexa Media for a seminar, “How to Start, Launch, and Grow a Monthly Giving Program“, led by the Founder and CEO of Hexa Media, Emmanuella Imo.


A monthly giving program is a recurring donation model that enables nonprofit supporters to contribute a fixed amount on a monthly basis to their favorite cause(s). Several benefits are associated with monthly giving programs, including higher donor retention, consistent support, community building, and the overall sustainability it provides to nonprofits, such as the grassroots organizations in our Lightup Impact Community. 


Given that many grassroots organizations rely on donations for their success and the success of their programs, it was essential for us to learn more about monthly giving programs from an expert on the topic. Below you will find key takeaways from the session.

Founder and CEO of Hexia Media, Emmanuella Imo

Key steps to initiating a monthly giving program

  • Clearly defining your program’s goals, identifying target audiences, and crafting compelling messaging tailored to donors represent some of the key steps involved in initiating a monthly giving program. 
  • Building credibility through effective marketing channels and storytelling is another important consideration when starting out and is crucial in garnering support from potential donors. 

Strategies for launching and growing a monthly giving program

  • Having a solid promotional campaign in place and executing it flawlessly can make or break your giving program.
    • Together with Emmanuella, attendees explored diverse marketing channels, including social media, email marketing, videos, and even personal connections, to spread the message behind their programs effectively. 
  • Choosing the right channels is only effective if paired with the right content. Engaging content, impactful storytelling, and regular donor appreciation are important to fostering long-term relationships.

Lessons for success

  • As a nonprofit, it’s important to be transparent about how donations are used and the impact it helps create. Showcasing the organization’s work through frequent communication via different channels is, therefore, essential to building a relationship with existing donors, attracting new donors, and ultimately ensuring the success of the monthly giving program. 
  • Emmanuella reiterated to attendees the importance of building a strong foundation by setting clear goals, targeting audiences, creating robust marketing strategies, and frequently sharing impact stories and engaging with donors. 

This event not only equipped attendees with practical strategies but also inspired a collective commitment to empower nonprofits globally. By embracing the principles of monthly giving, organizations can secure consistent support, build vibrant communities, and create a lasting impact on the causes they champion.


Thank you, Emmanuella, for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience with our community! 


Together, we can transform the landscape of nonprofit fundraising through knowledge, collaboration, and unwavering dedication – creating a world where nonprofits thrive, communities flourish, and impactful change becomes a reality.


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