Lightup Impact Founder Advisory Board Applications Open

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Composition and aim

The Founder Advisory Board (FAB) will be composed of a group of 8 young grassroots leaders from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania who are part of the Lightup Impact Community. They will represent the collective voice of this community and will primarily be responsible for advising Lightup Impact based on their experiences and community interactions. The FAB will ensure that the perspectives and concerns of our young grassroots founders are included in all of our NGO’s decision-making. 

Roles and responsibilities

  • Ensure that member perspectives are integrated into Lightup Impact’s programs, activities, policies, and strategies 
  • Collaborate with our board of directors to create our strategies, fundraising activities, and policies 
  • Work closely with the management team and the community to co-create programs and events
  • Provide valuable insights into the challenges faced by young founders of civil society organizations (CSOs)
  • Give  feedback on our existing programs and propose innovative ideas to address emerging issues
  • Represent our mission and culture by promoting adherence to our policies and codes of conduct within the community 
  • Highlight issues affecting vulnerable groups in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania, focusing on gender, health, and education
  • Engage in advocacy efforts conducted by Lightup Impact and its  members
  • Engage with new members and take a leading role in their induction role model collaboration in the Lightup Impact Community


  • Sponsorship for transport or accommodation for the Lightup Impact Days 2024 annual conference will be provided for each elected FAB member for a maximum of €300 euros per person
  • Professional development and growth opportunities to make decisions, guide strategies, and contribute to the overall direction of the organization
  • Diverse skills set development: communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and project management.
  • Networking opportunities
  • Community engagement 
  • Visibility and recognition
  • Opportunity to shape Lightup Impact and its community for the growth of grassroots leaders in East Africa
  • Certificate of participation

Time commitment and expectations

  • The elected FAB will serve for a minimum of 2 years
  • A commitment of 5 hours/month for consultation and co-creation activities with the board of directors is required
  • A commitment of 5-10 hours/month for consultation and co-creation activities with the management team is required
  • Full-time cooperation with the event management team during the Lightup Impact Days 2024 conference is expected
  • Attendance and active participation in all upcoming  Lightup Impact Community Meetups and activities initiated by  other members is expected
  • A proactive and collaborative attitude is much appreciated

Role type

Part-time volunteer role

Eligibility criteria

  • Only Lightup Impact members who have been part of the community for at least 3 months are eligible to apply 
  • Past proactive participation in community activities and events and in Lightup Impact’s mandate is highly desirable
  • Members of the Lightup Impact Days 2023 Founder Committee are eligible to apply

Election procedure

  • The Lightup Impact team will first evaluate the suitability of the candidates based on their skills, expertise, passion, and engagement with our team and the Lightup Impact Community and ensure that the panel of candidates is diverse, upholding diversity, equity, and inclusion principles
  • After that, our  Lightup Impact Community will participate in  a digital voting process to elect the 8 members of the FAB: 4 from Kenya, 2 from Uganda, 1 from Rwanda, and 1 from Tanzania to reflect the current composition of our community
  • A board charter outlining the terms of governance for the FAB will be co-created and signed by all elected members in the first advisory board meeting

How to apply

We look forward to receiving your applicaiton!! 


The Lightup Impact team

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