July Community Meetup How to Start, Launch, and Grow a Monthly Giving Program

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Every month the Lightup Impact Community meets for its monthly community meetups. These are expert discussions from the community with the founders being the experts of the Month. This July we are privileged to be joined by our partner Hexa Media for a seminar on: “How to Start, Launch, and Grow a Monthly Giving Program“. Leading the discussion will be Emmanuella Imo the Founder and CEO of Hexa Media 


As the founder of Hexa Media, a full-service digital marketing agency that helps African non-profit organizations using digital media, technology, and communications, Emmanuella has worked with organizations of all sizes to design and implement effective communication strategies for social change. She has trained 700+ African nonprofits and works closely with most organizations.


In addition to her work at Hexa Media, Emmanuella is the convener of one of the foremost marketing summits for African nonprofits: the Social Impact Marketing Summit, and the initiator of the Humanitarians Of Africa series and Awards where she has shared over 40 stories of African nonprofit founders.


Guest Speaker

Emmanuella Imo: Founder and CEO Hexa Media (Nigeria)

Emmanuella Imo is a social entrepreneur, nonprofit communications consultant, and speaker who has dedicated her career to creating meaningful social change. With over 5 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, Emmanuella has developed a deep understanding of how to drive generosity and create a lasting impact by leveraging digital media and communications.


Emmanuella has been recognized as one of the Top 50 African Female Changemakers by African Change Makers Platform. Overall, Emmanuella is a dedicated and result-oriented non-profit professional with a wealth of experience and expertise. Her passion for volunteering, commitment to excellence, and exceptional skills make her an invaluable asset to any organization looking to achieve its goals.


Emmanuella’s passion for non-profit communications is further evident in her academic pursuits, as she is currently pursuing a PhD in Communications and media studies at Cyprus International University. She also takes great pride in mentoring young ladies and inspiring the next generation of non-profit communication professionals.


Hexa Media and Lightup Impact Partner Up to Scale the Impact of African Nonprofits

Lightup Impact and Hexa Media will be working together to scale the impact of African nonprofits. While Lightup Impact and Hexa Media have different approaches, we share values and the mission to strategically amplify the impact of African nonprofits through enhanced visibility, know-how, and shared learnings. This exciting collaboration allows us to leverage our shared and unique expertise to create valuable networking and learning opportunities for the nonprofits in our communities. We will focus on four key initiatives: knowledge sharing, heightened exposure, collaboration and networking, and skills development. 


Social Impact Marketing Summit (SIMS)

Lightup Impact is proud to partner with and participate in the Social Impact Marketing Summit 2023. The Social Impact Marketing Summit is an annual event organized by Hexa Media Africa. The summit aims to bring together top and upcoming players in the nonprofit sector to empower nonprofit leaders, social impact stakeholders, and social enterprises with the necessary skills and insights to make a lasting difference in their cause.

The event is scheduled to take place on August 5th, 2023. The summit serves as a platform for sharing the best strategies, exploring innovative strategies, and discussing the latest trends in leveraging digital media for social impact. This will be done by equipping participants with relevant skills and knowledge for creating exceptional impact and changing lives.

The theme for this year’s summit is “Digitally Empowered For Impact” reflecting the central focus on harnessing the power of digital technologies and media to drive positive change. This event will feature a variety of engaging sessions such as Keynote addresses, Panel sessions, networking opportunities, the presentation of awards to the winners of the Humanitarian of Africa Awards and so much more.

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