Lightup Impact Badge Program

The organizations that earn the Impact Badge will have the chance to:

  • Be selected for the Founder Tour program.
  • Apply to take part in our social intrapreneurship & social impact campaigner trainings in collaboration with our business partners. This will allow our member organizations to initiate new types of partnerships with the business sector while getting access to seed funding. 

The first round of the Lightup Impact Badge program was launched in September 2021. We have developed a yearly application process to review the credibility, the impact, the vision and the commitment of our member organizations to grow with the Lightup Impact network. The founders who successfully pass this selection, earn the Impact Badge and a certificate. The badge will allow the founders to more easily access seed funding and partnerships opportunities provided through our own programs or it can be used independently from Lightup Impact activities to showcase the organization’s credibility with external partners. 

What exactly is the Impact Badge certifying?

  • It certifies a registered organization
  • It certifies that the organization is solving a problem affecting vulnerable communities
  • It certifies that the implemented solution has a measurable impact
  • It certifies the commitment to grow as an organization within the Lightup Impact network
  • It shows that the organizations are established or are in the process of validating their theory of change

How can member organizations use the Impact badge?

  • Display your Impact Badge on your organization website in the awards section and your certificate on LinkedIn
  • Post your Impact Badge or certificate on your social media channels and link our program.

What specific benefits does the badge give member organizations?

  1.  Lightup Impact aims to form new types of partnerships with the business sector in order to give the member organizations exposure to alternative funding and mentoring. Only founders who have earned the Impact badge have the opportunity to participate in a dedicated application process to take part in our co-creation events with corporate partners and have the chance to win seed funding. We aim to launch this program in 2022 so if you are a Lightup Impact Badge member, stay tuned for more info to come!
  2.   Only by earning the Impact Badge can you participate as an organization in the Founder Tour. This year the top 7 applicants of the Lightup Impact badge were shortlisted for the end of year fundraiser and Founder Tour. On this occasion, together with our seven member organizations we raised over 4000 euro. Each member organization received 500 euro donations to implement community projects to improve the quality of life of women and girls in East Africa. The aim of the tour is to initiate collaborative research and impactful projects between LI  team and selected member organizations. During the tour, the Lightup Impact team will visit these seven organizations in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda and during our visit we will gather information, data and visuals that will be used to give visibility to the organisations (e.g.collaborative research, blog articles and videos).

How can I earn the Impact badge?

The Lightup Impact Badge application is accessible only to members of our community. The application runs once a year in September.


How long does the Impact Badge certification last?

The badge has a one year validity. Every year by participating in the application we renew your commitment to our network and we certify the growth, progress and credibility of your organization. Applicants who have already earned the badge can renew it by answering the dedicated questions tailored to Lightup Impact badge organizations.


By the end of 2022 we have the ambition to launch the Lightup Impact Badge Premium. The premium status will allow our member organizations to take part in our Leadership & Skills international program while gaining access to additional benefits and seed funding opportunities. Stay tuned to hear more! 

About us

We are a dynamic and international team all driven by passion and determination because we want to make a difference for the growth of our founders and ultimately for the lives of women and girls that need our guidance and support. We care, we share and we learn together while being focused on achieving our goals as a team.

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