Lightup Impact Days 2022

Sustainable development of CBOs/NGOs in gender and health in East Africa: way forward?

When and Where: May 30-31st, 9:00 am-6:00 pm EAT (East African Time) 

Location: Chak Guest House & Conference Centre, Musa Gitau Rd Off Waiyaki Way – Nairobi and Zoom for live-streamed sessions

Organizer: Lightup Impact Community


Day 1, May 30th: Private event for Lightup Impact community members only. (Registration below includes both day 1-2 ) 

Day2, May 31st: Public event open to external members. Please register your attendance below.

Goal of the event

Welcome to the Changemakers event East Africa 2022 organized by the Lightup Impact Community!

The aim of the event is to foster exchange, networking and collaboration between the Lightup Impact community member organizations in East Africa and external partners in order to strengthen the organizational development of CBOs. 

The first day of the event, May 30th will be a private event for community members only. On May 31st, we welcome all external members (social entrepreneurs, corporates, foundations, development researchers and like-minded people) to join the Lightup Impact community.

The event will be a hybrid format: we welcome participants to attend the event in person in Nairobi at the CHAK guesthouse & conference center or online for dedicated live stream sessions. 


All event fees will be donated to the winning team of the open call on innovative ideas to support sustainable development of CBOs in East Africa: Christopher Nyamburi and the Double Brand idea. More information on the ‘Double Brand’ idea as well as guidelines on registration can be found below.


Join our event, network and support a young founder and his idea with your donations to play an active role in influencing the landscape of CBOs/NGOs development in East Africa!

Preliminary Program

DAY 1  Private event for members of Lightup Impact Community Members only


9:00-9:30: Registration and welcome


  • Intro & Welcome from Lightup Impact 
  • Roundtable Q&A with Lightup Impact team (30min)

10:30-12:30: Organizational development system strengthening & understanding management systems-speaker TBD

12:30-14:00: Lunch break & Networking  


14:00-15:00 Expert Talk: Impact Direct: Supporting local NGOs through fundraising

 Interactive Sessions

15:00-16:30   Find your impact station (GBV, Menstrual health, HIV, Mental health)

16:30-17:30: Team building & Closure


DAY 2: Public Event 


9:00-9:45: Lightup Impact introduction & welcome 

9:45-11:00 Light Impact member presentations: Impact Stories 

(7 member organizations, 5min presentation/5min Q&A)

11:00-11:30 Tea break

11:30-13:00: Arinolah Elizabeth-Nite: System Strengthening

Does Organization Life changes matter in our growth?

13:00-14:00: Lunch & Networking


14:00-15:30: Arinolah Elizabeth-Nite: Resource Mobilization

The what, shy and where of Resource Mobilization

How to strengthen CBOs/NGOs development? 

15:30-16:00: Winner of the open call for CBO development: Christopher Nyamburi with the ‘Double Brand’ idea

16:00-16:30: Online information bank for grassroot organizations

Harriet Kamashanyu & Rogers Omollo

16:30-17:45: Interactive co-creation session: How to scale the ‘Double Brand idea’?

 17:45-18:00 Closing Remarks

Pitching Founders from the Lightup Impact Community

Christopher Nyamburi and the Double Brand idea

Christopher Nyamburi is a graduate from the University of Nairobi, BSc in Management of Agroecosystem and Environmental with rich background in theatre and performance arts.

He is also the board chair and founder of Lake Victoria Basin Talent Development and Adolescent Health (LVDAH-KENYA), a leading national organization (NGO) committed to creating safe space where adolescents and youths’ talents are nurtured, their reproductive health and rights are recognized, provided for and respected.
LVDAH is in the final stage to kick start its full operations in Homabay county. As a young and newly registered NGO, they have been taking part in supporting local groups and community activities.

Christopher is the winner of the open call: innovative ideas to support the sustainable development of CBOs/local NGOs in East Africa. His project idea, the Double Brand will be pitched during the second day of the live event and it will further workshopped with the event participants in an interactive session.

The Problem

Most organizations are unable to kick-start their projects and programs due to inadequate resources and financial constraints. This contributes to 60% failure and closure of most organizations as they cannot sustain their operations. 

The solution

The Double Brand concept allows nonprofits and CBOs and local NGOs to raise money through their brands in collaboration with companies and local businesses through merchandised brand product related to the organization.

With your attendance and donations you will directly support Christopher and the double brand idea, join us!

Harriet Kamashanyu & Rogers Omollo and the Online information bank for grassroot organizations

The Problem

Most CBOs in East Africa lack evidence-based research in conducting their work and managing their operations. They are often excluded from the current data ecosystem because of existing technological, technical, cognitive, and practical barriers they face due to high cost and skills

The Solution

Rhythm of Life and Activate Action plan to initiate an online information bank to serve the purpose of a database with the latest and reliable data regarding the target audiences we serve by liaising with our national research bureaus. This will enable our partner organization to assess information that will help in key decision-making concerning our intervention impacts and reference.

Harriet Kamashanyu

Harriet Kamashanyu

Harriet is a certified project management professional and a social entrepreneur who runs Rhythm of Life; a Not-for-profit making organization based in Uganda - East Africa. The organization exists to break the vicious cycle of mother-to-daughter prostitution in the red-light districts of Uganda.

Established in 2013, Rhythm of Life operates in two districts of Uganda using three pillars; economic empowerment, education, and health care accessibility to impact the lives of girls and women in these communities.

Rogers Omollo

Rogers Omollo

Rogers is the founder of Activate Action - a youth-led community-based organization working with young people living with HIV and disabilities.

"We engage them through mentorship, capacity building on HIV management, mental health, life skills, and advocacy to eliminate the stigma associated with HIV and disability, which is currently blocking them from accessing important services including health, education, and employment. The organization started in 2017 as a youth-friendly center to end the stigma faced by young people living with HIV and disabilities by increasing access to sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) information and services.

Guest Speakers

Arinolah Elizabeth-Nite Omollo

(Organization Capacity Building Consultant; Warande Advisory Center- Nairobi, Kenya)

Arinolah’s North Star is to inspire women, youth, and children to live a purpose-driven life, this she believes is where the source of wealth lies. Her past experience in various capacities equipped her with a well-rounded skill set in Institutional Strengthening. She has a passion for policy document development, with a bias for strategic planning, resource mobilization, communications, and, project planning and management. As a talented Institutional Strengthening practitioner, Arinolah’s ability to assist organizations to develop and implementing organizational policies and procedures to maximize project effectiveness is commendable. In addition, she is proficient at organizing training and team-building initiatives to reinforce goals and drive competitive growth. Arinolah has worked with Development Partners and Civil Society Sector, drawing experience from Kenya, South Sudan, Somalia, and United Kingdom. Her work is guided by principles of altruism, health, welfare and security, teamwork, and sharing knowledge and ideas. Other key areas of expertise include knowledge management, research development, mixed research methods, oral and written communication, statistical methods, and econometric analysis.
Arinolah is a Rotary Peace Fellow, 2022 championing the role of a positive peace framework in achieving sustainable development

System Strengthening
TOPIC: Does Organization Life Stages Matter in our Growth? (1 Hour)
The session will delve into the assumptions, benefits, and overview of organization life stages with the objective of where our organizations want to be in the mid-term, short term, and long term period. Participants will also appreciate their current growth stage and have a reflection on what type of system strengthening they need to get their organizations to the next stage of growth. Leadership attributes and abilities at various growth stages will also be discussed.
Resource Mobilization
TOPIC: The what, why, and where of resource mobilization (1 Hour)
The session will begin by appreciating the resource mobilization cycle. A discussion about the realities of resource mobilization and fundraising for community-based organizations will ensue. Some practical fundraising methods will be discussed. Participants will be guided to reflect on their resource mobilization strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


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