Founder Tour

We thank all the applicants for the Lightup Impact badge and Founder Tour 2022!

We received many applications and we are so excited to announce our seven shortlisted applicants. In addition to earning the Lightup Impact Badge, we will visit these seven social entrepreneurs with a focus on improving the lives of vulnerable women, girls and children in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. These seven organizations passed a rigorous selection to show their commitment to our network and community, and their motivation as entrepreneurs and social impact so far. The aim of our visit is to get to know them better and Lightup their Impact! 


Founder Tour 2022 begins......

The Founder Tour officially began in March 2022 in Kenya – Kapseret, Uasin Gishu County to meet with Caroline from Kerio Rights Organisation. The visit lasted 3 weeks with different collaborative projects. The second stop was in Kigali, Rwanda to meet the Grown to Help team led by Denyse. There we spent 2 weeks  and saw the motivation to drive change in the lives of women and children. 

Selected organizations for Founder Tour 2022

Kerio Rights Organization

Founder Tour activities with Kerio Rights Organisation; which seeks to address women's rights and health-related issues in Kapseret through education, research, capacity building, and advocacy.

Grown to Help

Transforming the lives of vulnerable families through access to quality education and economic empowerment.

Rhythm of Life

Empowering sex workers in Uganda to break the vicious cycle of mother -to -daughter prostitution


Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Queers (LBQ) in rural Nyanza Kenya face a lot of violence, stigma, and discrimination. To address this issue and to help amplify their voices of inclusion and equality as well as physical and mental health. CHADALA, In partnership with Lightup Impact, launched their Dance crew in solidarity with #JusticeForSheila and #ChanukaSasaOkoaDadaCampaign.

Activate Action

A brave and safe space, that is putting young people at the center of change to create an empowered, stigma-free society

Nareto Latia

Promoting community togetherness in advocating for the fundamental rights of the most marginalized and undeserved members of the society who are mostly women and girls

What is the Founder Tour?

The Founder Tour Program was first launched in December 2021 and runs once a year together with the Lightup Impact badge program. Only member organizations who have earned the Impact Badge can be selected for the tour. This year we shortlisted  the top seven applicants from the Lightup Impact Badge program to take part in the tour. And guess what? The shortlisted candidates also participated in our end of the year fundraiser! Would you also like to take part next year? Then don’t forget to apply to the next round of applications for the Lightup Impact Badge in September 2022. If you score amongst the top applicants you could be selected for our next fundraiser and tour!


What happens during the Founder Tour?

The Lightup Impact Team goes on tour to visit the selected Founders spending 10-15 days with each organization in East Africa. The founders are welcome to join the Lightup Impact team in visiting other member organizations who are also part of the tour but at their own expenses.


What is the aim of the Tour?

The aim of the tour is to initiate collaborative research and impactful projects between Lightup Impact and the member organizations with the donations that are jointly raised during the crowdfunding campaign. With the material we collect and the research we conduct together we give visibility to our founders while increasing the impact we create for vulnerable communities in East Africa.


Would you like to know more about our end of the year fundraiser? 

Together with our seven organizations shortlisted for the Founder Tour we jointly raised over 4000 euro in one month. Each organization will receive 500 euro in donations to support specific projects in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. To know more, please visit our fundraiser page.

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We are a dynamic and international team all driven by passion and determination because we want to make a difference for the growth of our founders and ultimately for the lives of women and girls that need our guidance and support. We care, we share and we learn together while being focused on achieving our goals as a team.

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