March Community Meetup

Theme: Governance and Administration

Topic: "Understanding and envisioning your organization"

In January we launched the Experts’ Discussion Series. Who are the experts? You all are!

We as a community have a lot of potential to share our knowledge and learnings as we grow through our founders’ journey. Let’s make the most of that!

Each month founders from the community volunteer to take over a topic of discussion, if you want to be the next one, reach out to us through our community channels!

We wish to thank you for attending our community meetup and for your active participation! We had a very engaging session on governance, impact reporting, and the theory of change with 45 participants. A big thank you to our wonderful speakers who led the Experts’ Discussion: Collins Mureithi, Mary Opot, and Erastus Angienda!


Some takeaways from the session:

  • A vision is a dream that you believe in. A mission is action-oriented, concrete, and practical. They inform the purpose of the organization to stakeholders.
  • The theory of change is linked to your vision and mission and answers the question: How does change happen? The theory of change is in continuous evolution.
  • Reporting your impact helps to share the practical outcome of your work. Think of who is watching and why and engage all stakeholders.


Once again thank you for your participation. If you already have a topic in mind for next month’s meetup and you want to lead the Experts’ discussion, just drop us an email!


Meeting Agenda:

5:30- 5:45 pm Intro & welcome new members

5:45-6:30 pm Presentations:

Mary Opot, Winam Grassroots : Theory of Change

Collins Mureithi, CEYA.CFM : Impact reporting

Erastus Angienda, FASCOBI : Mission, Vision, Objectives in relation to programming

6:30-6:55 pm Discussion & Q&A

6:55-7:00 pm Closing remarks


Join us on 26th April for the next Community Meetup!

Stay tuned for the blog article coming up!

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