We are thrilled to announce that we have recently appointed five new board members to join our team at Lightup Impact.

Meet Our New Board Members

We are thrilled to announce that we have recently appointed five new board members to join our team at Lightup Impact.


These individuals are not only experts in their fields but also passionate advocates who share our vision and mission of creating positive social change through education, empowerment, and engagement.


We are confident that they will bring valuable insights, perspectives, and skills to our organization to help us achieve our goals and objectives.

Vincent Otieno Odhiambo, Board Chair at Lightup Impact

Vincent Otieno Odhiambo, Board Chair, is the regional director at Ashoka East Africa. He is a driving force behind Ashoka’s mission to create a network of leading social entrepreneurs, changemakers, and like-minded institutions—all working towards an “Everyone is a Changemaker” World. His remarkable career spans various sectors, and he has assumed leadership roles at local, regional, and continental levels. He is skilled in organizational and community development, transformative partnerships, collaborative impact, and visionary leadership. He is also passionate about social entrepreneurship and systems change. He has been involved in various initiatives and networks, such as INASP, Jeunes Volontaires pour l’Environment Internationale-Kenya Chapter, and the Westlands Area Advisory Council. He envisions a brighter, more inclusive future achieved through connecting individuals and organizations to address pressing global challenges. He avidly engages in conversations and discussions on topics he’s passionate about, voicing his opinions and sharing his experiences to drive positive change. 

Anne Marie, Board Treasurer at Lightup Impact

Anne Marie, Board Treasurer, was born in the Netherlands and raised in France. She holds degrees in English and German from the University of Lille and a master’s in European Economics and International Affairs from a business college in Paris. With over three decades of experience in finance, she honed her skills in companies like Louis Vuitton, GlaxoSmithKline, Mars, and Thermo Fisher Scientific, working across Europe. Seeking to make a larger impact, she transitioned from the private sector to become an Impact Leader for NPOs and NGOs. Anne Marie volunteers her expertise to various initiatives, from supporting refugees in Vienna to revitalizing schools in Nigeria. Her journey led her to Lightup Impact, where she now serves as a Board Director and Treasurer, overseeing financial sustainability and fostering collaboration between Africa and Europe.

Dr. Valeria Santoro, Board Secretary at Lightup Impact

Dr. Valeria Santoro, Board Secretary, 

is the Founder and Director of Lightup Impact and an Ashoka Visionary Leader championing social entrepreneurship. With a PhD in Oncology, she co-founded “Together Women Can,” impacting 3,000 women in Kenya with cervical cancer screening. As Founder and CEO of Lightup Impact, she empowers today’s young grassroots leaders across East Africa to combat inequalities in health and gender. Through community-led approaches, she supports the Lightup Impact members with community-building activities, partnerships, and skills development. Residing in Eldoret, Kenya, she drives change with passion.

Arinolah E-N Omollo, Board Member at Lightup Impact

Arinolah E-N Omollo, Board Member, is a Technical Lead at the Warande Advisory Center in Nairobi, Kenya. She is driven by a passion for empowering women, youth, and children towards purpose-driven lives. With a robust background in institutional strengthening and a versatile skill set, she excels in policy development, strategic planning, resource mobilization, communications, and project management. Arinolah’s expertise lies in guiding organizations to enhance project efficacy through policy formulation and execution, as well as organizing impactful training and team-building initiatives. She advocates for local-led development and has collaborated globally with Development Partners and Civil Society Sectors in several countries. Arinolah’s proficiency extends to knowledge management, research development, communication, statistical analysis, and econometric modeling. In 2022, she was a Rotary Peace Fellow and is currently a champion of the positive peace framework for sustainable development.

Nassir Katuramu, Board Member at Lightup Impact

Nassir Katuramu, Board Member,  is the CEO of Solid’Africa, a pioneering social enterprise focused on ending nutrition insecurity in Rwanda and across Africa. He has over 18 years of experience in supporting social enterprises in diverse sectors like healthcare, education, and agriculture and leading programs aimed at unlocking their capacity to scale and create sustainable social impact. He has worked with global institutions like Ashoka, Segal Family Foundation, and Cardno Emerging Markets and contributed to the accelerated growth of hundreds of organizations. Nassir is passionate about strategic leadership and operational optimization and is adept at project management and institutional capacity building. His journey from a computer science graduate from Makerere University to a social entrepreneurship leader reflects his unique skill set and dedication to achieving transformative impact on a personal and institutional level.

But what is a governance board, and why is it important for our NGO?

A governance board is a group of people who are legally and morally responsible for overseeing an organization’s strategic direction, performance, and accountability.


They provide guidance, support, and oversight to the organization’s management and staff and ensure that the organization is fulfilling its mission and vision, complying with the relevant laws and regulations, and managing its resources effectively and efficiently.

Good governance is essential for NGOs because it:

  • Enhances the organization’s overall performance and impact by setting clear goals, strategies, and policies and monitoring and evaluating the results and outcomes.


  • Prevents malpractices and corruption by establishing and enforcing ethical standards, codes of conduct, and internal controls and ensuring transparency and accountability in all aspects of the organization’s operations.


  • Improves the trust and confidence of the stakeholders, including donors, beneficiaries, partners, authorities, and the public, by demonstrating the organization’s credibility, legitimacy, and integrity and communicating its achievements and challenges openly and honestly.


  • Facilitates better collaboration and coordination among the board members, management, staff, and other stakeholders by fostering a culture of mutual respect, dialogue, and learning and creating mechanisms for feedback and participation.


  • Enhances the organization’s stability and sustainability by ensuring that it has adequate and diverse sources of funding, a strong and committed team of staff and volunteers, and a robust and adaptable organizational structure and systems.

As Lightup Impact, we are committed to practicing and promoting good governance in our organization and the NGO sector as a whole. We believe that good governance is not only a legal and moral obligation but also a strategic and competitive advantage that enables us to deliver our mission and vision more effectively and efficiently.


We look forward to working with our new board members and all our stakeholders to make Lightup Impact a leading and exemplary NGO in Kenya and beyond.


Thank you for your continued support and partnership.

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