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Meet Our New Members – November 2023

We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to 25 exceptional grassroots organizations from Kenya and Uganda joining our vibrant Lightup Impact Community this November. 


These changemakers focus on various crucial causes, like sexual and reproductive health, mental health, malnutrition, gender-based violence, and combating climate change and harmful traditional cultural practices.


Each new member to our community offers invaluable local insights and expertise, driving forward social change and creating real, lasting impact. 


We appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed in our community, and we are thrilled to embark on this journey with you.


Take a closer look at the new visionary grassroots leaders who are joining the Lightup Impact Community:


Gfor Girls Initiative and Lightup Impact
Founder: Priscah Mongera

GforGirls Initiative is dedicated to accelerating the education of girls in Kwale County, Kenya.

Dhamira Moja CBO and Lightup Impact Member
Founder: Sarah Martha

Dhamira Moja CBO promotes gender equality by advocating for policy reform and challenging discriminatory practices through feminist advocacy.

Big Minds Community Association Lightup Impact Member
Founder: Monica Karanja

Big Minds Community Association offers essential services and learning opportunities, empowering community-driven projects or programs.

Northern Frontier Medical Association (NOFMA) Lightup Impact Member
Founder: Noor Sheikh

Northern Frontier Medical Association (NOFMA) is committed to advocating for enhanced healthcare services, focusing on promoting sexual and reproductive health, child and maternal wellness, addressing non-communicable diseases and supporting mental health initiatives.

Badili Tana Initiative Lightup Impact Member
Founder: Robert Madubi

Badili Tana Initiative is empowering communities to rewrite their narratives and shape their own futures.

CAWE-KENYA (Centre for Advocacy of Women Empowerment in Kenya) Lightup Impact Member
Founder: Dr Linah Jebii Kilimo

CAWE-KENYA (Centre for Advocacy of Women Empowerment in Kenya) passionately advocates for the rights of women and girls, striving to eliminate female genital mutilation through legislative changes.

The Lady's Heart organization Lightup Impact Member
Founder: Abby Chebet

The Lady’s Heart organization has a vision to create a world where quality education and gender equality flourish, nurturing empowered individuals who actively contribute to sustainable development.

U-Rise CBO Lightup Impact Member
Founder: John Magati

U-Rise CBO is dedicated to bolstering the well-being of vulnerable community members, specifically individuals affected by epilepsy and neurological disorders, with a particular focus on women, adolescents, and children.

Consortium of Women Empowerment Lightup Impact Member
Founder: Vincent Otieno

Consortium of Women Empowerment is empowering women to achieve excellence.

Her Voice Matters Foundation KE Lightup Impact Member
Founder: Gladys Njeri

Her Voice Matters Foundation KE is a foundation dedicated to amplifying the voices of every girl, striving for meaningful inclusion. Our mission involves normalizing menstruation and advocating to #EndPeriodPoverty.

Educate a Child International (EACI) Lightup Impact Member
Founder: John Monday

Educate a Child International (EACI) is fostering empowerment, sparking innovation, and steering sustainable development to advance children’s rights.

Solution based organization Lightup Impact Member
Founder: Mohamed Muse

Solution Based organization is a nonprofit committed to serving communities by addressing sexual and gender-based violence, global educational crises, prolonged climate changes—a grassroots cause of world hunger—and mitigating the risks of food insecurity.

Doors of Hope Lightup Impact Member
Founder: Jacqueline Shibalira

Doors of Hope is dedicated to advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and championing the rights of individuals with disabilities, striving to enhance their quality of life specifically within Kenya.

Women Volunteers for Peace also known as WOVOP Lightup Impact
Founder: Grace Orao

Women Volunteers for Peace also known as WOVOP has a vision to foster the well-being of women, promoting their health and resilience within a harmonious and peaceful society.

The Umundu Artivism Lightup Impact
Founder: Lynnet Njeru

The Umundu Artivism is a vibrant community-based organization devoted to leveraging the influence of art to spark meaningful discussions and drive impactful societal transformations.

Sema Nami Mama Lightup Impact Member
Founder: Teresia Bwire

Sema Nami Mama is a community-based organization dedicated to supporting and collaborating with women and girls facing challenges.

Silver Crescent CBO Lightup Impact member
Founder: Bilal Mir

Silver Crescent CBO is a community-based organization dedicated to empowering youth, advancing healthcare, promoting education, preserving the environment, fostering arts and sports, and supporting individuals with disabilities.

Ignite CBO Lightup Impact Member
Founder: Louise Baya

Ignite CBO believes that prioritizing leadership, governance, and the empowerment of girls and young women is what truly matters.


Centre For Integrated Community Development known as CICD Uganda Lightup Impact Member
Founder: Jonan Nduhuura

Centre For Integrated Community Development known as CICD Uganda connects individuals to prosperity and drive socio-economic transformation by expediting and enriching opportunities for both people and communities, fostering sustainable development.

Upcountry Outreach For Development Lightup Impact Member
Founder: Gloria Nabalema

Upcountry Outreach For Development is a charity NGO in central Uganda advocating for children’s welfare, supporting child-mothers, and improving living standards for rural youths and women.

Youth Free Uplifted Limitless Lightup Impact Member
Founder: Geoffrey Waako

Youth Free Uplifted Limitless links individuals to prosperity and ignite socio-economic transformation by swiftly enhancing opportunities for people and communities, nurturing sustainable development.

Girls In School Initiative Lightup Impact Member
Founder: Magezi Bashir

Girls In School Initiative is a community-based organization founded, led, and funded by boys; and is dedicated to supporting girls education.

Twekonyere Foundation Uganda (TWEFU) Lightup Impact Member
Founder: Patricia Kajumba

Twekonyere Foundation Uganda (TWEFU) is empowering African youth leadership, fostering good health and well-being, and ultimately ensuring sustainable development for both young individuals and their communities.

Amity for Humanity Initiative Uganda Lightup Impact Member
Founder: Shallote Nayebare

Amity for Humanity Initiative Uganda is an NGO committed to executing collective actions that empower communities and future generations to combat gender-based violence.

Muwala Asobola Community Initiative Lightup Impact Member
Founder: Faridah Nalumansi

Muwala Asobola Community Initiative envisions a resilient community where young individuals can flourish across all socio-economic and political spheres, equipped to thrive in every aspect of their lives.

We are excited to work with you to bring about positive change and maximize your impact! Let’s collaborate to make a real difference.


The Lightup Impact team

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