Partnerships with
Lightup Impact

What will help an early-stage organization?

We learned from our research that partnerships and traction are what will help early-stage organizations in their growth journey to sustainability.

We partner with selected organizations in our network who have earned the Impact Badge. With the Impact Badge, we certify that the grassroots members are registered and credible organizations that are committed to growing with the Lightup Impact community. For more information visit our Impact Badge page.

Our Journey Through East Africa

We are thrilled to finally share with you our mission through East Africa this past March to June on our Founder Tour 2022. From Kenya, through Uganda, and ending in Rwanda – we set out to do collaborative research, partner with local organizations on different projects in their communities, deliver donations to these organizations, and collect research data on their needs and challenges. We are pleased to report that the tour was a huge success, not only in achieving what we set out to do but also in generating new ideas and learning from our experiences. So, please join us as we take you on a virtual tour of this wonderful journey – sharing what we have learned and experienced in each of the inspiring communities we visited. This is our way of integrating you into our ambition to support the grassroots organizations that drive sustainable social change in our communities. 

Download the Founder Tour 2022 Digital Booklet