Shift The Power: From Dialogue To Action

About the event

Last year’s successful Lightup Impact Days 2023 conference, “Shift the Power, Ignite Change, in Nairobi, Kenya sparked discussions on trust issues between grantmakers and grassroots organizations. This prompted us to investigate the root causes of this lack of trust. We have been conducting an on-site research project between grassroots leaders and grant-makers over the past four months, led by Alicia Claus, a Bachelor’s student at Windesheim Honours College and research intern at Lightup Impact.


The project aims to explore the dynamics of trust, relationship building, and ownership in partnerships between grassroots and grant-making organizations in East Africa and the Global North. Our goal is to identify actionable steps that can be taken to foster trust-based collaborations, which empower grassroots leaders to implement sustainable solutions in their communities.


When: May 30th, from 14:00-16:30 EAT

Where: Zoom, register here.


To access additional resources from Lightup Impact on #ShifthePower visit our blog!

Event Objectives

The event is hosted in partnership with the East African Philanthropy Network (EAPN)  and Finnish Development NGO (FINGO). The purpose is to offer a platform for sharing the above research findings in a way that is engaging and accessible to non-academic audiences.


We aim to identify areas where trust can be enhanced and collaboration can be promoted through interactive discussions. Moreover, participants will get an opportunity to co-create an unrestricted trust-based partnership call that can be shared with grantmakers as actionable steps towards equitable partnerships.


Moderating the event will be Rosebellah Nyanchoka from the Finnish Development NGO (FINGO) and Boniface Okari from Pendekezo Letu. With their expertise, the panel discussion will come to life, creating a dynamic and insightful dialogue.

Shift The Power Social Media Moderators


We are excited to have a diverse group of speakers for our online event. These speakers represent grantmakers, INGOs, and grassroots leaders. This mix will facilitate an enriching discussion, allowing us to hear from both partners and fostering an enlightening conversation.


Shift The Power Social Media Banner panel speakers


Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in a transformative experience. Whether you’re looking to network, gain insights, or contribute to a global dialogue, the #ShiftThePower movement is where you need to be!


Register on the link to secure your spot and join hands with us, the East African Philanthropy Network (EAPN), and Finnish Development NGO (FINGO in shaping a future where every community thrives.

We look forward to seeing you there! 

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