Support & Networking: Lightup Impact Community & Events​

Lightup Impact is a community of practice

A group of people that share an interest and engage in a process of collective learning that creates bonds between them (Wenger 2001). Our 100+ members are early-stage founders of grassroots organizations in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda with a focus on gender, health, education, and women and girls’ empowerment in their development programming

The aim of the community

Interact & Learn together: by engaging in joint activities and discussions

Build a shared collection of experiences, best practices, and ways of solving problems​

Foster collaboration over competition for local resources and advocacy​

A collective knowledge

We believe that through collective knowledge generated by the community, members will adopt best practices, language, views, and behaviors that are necessary for their growth to build structural change for the sustainable development of their organizations and communities (Gray 2004).


Would you like to join the Lightup Impact Community? Then make sure you read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below to find out if you fit the admission criteria and join us here. We look forward to your application!

Our Events

Online Community Meetups

Monthly Informal get-togethers for community members only to foster collaboration and achievement of collective goals.

Public Online & In-Person Events

Public events aim to foster collaboration and networking between our community members and external stakeholders. We organize two public online events and one in-person event per year in East Africa.

Why Networking?

Through networking grassroots organizations can leverage collaboration and interaction with other development actors to tackle community problems and ensure their own survival (Barasa et al. 2021; Hoerner 2012; Mutalemwa 2019). We welcome development practitioners and policymakers, researchers, and actors from the private and public sectors to join in our public events. 


Check out our latest public event: Sustainable Development of CBOs/NGOs in gender & health in East Africa: the way forward