Lightup Impact and the East Africa Philanthropy Network Join Forces

Journeying through change is a path best taken hand in hand. As the world rapidly transforms, we at Lightup Impact eagerly embrace the shifts, challenges, and triumphs that lie ahead. In our latest venture, we are partnering with the East Africa Philanthropy Network (EAPN) to co-host our annual conference, Lightup Impact Days 2023.   EAPN is the largest philanthropy support organization in the region and serves as a bridge connecting diverse philanthropic entities in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and beyond. We are united by our shared vision of fostering sustainable communities through responsive and impactful giving. By collaborating on Lightup Impact Days 2023, we are amplifying our collective drive to ignite change and champion innovative solutions that advance philanthropy in East Africa.   Continue reading to find out more about what community, philanthropy, unity, and action in creating sustainable change means to us.  Built on trust, bound by community Lightup Impact embodies the essence of unity,  weaving together over 100 grassroots organizations championing gender and health across East Africa. Our tapestry thrives on trust, forming a web of connections, nurturing partnerships, fostering skills, and providing guidance. Each connection is a promise to stand with our founders, design solutions that prioritize sustainability, and empower women and girls. Amplifying voices, igniting change Grassroots movements, though powerful, have often dwelled in the shadows, their voices unheard and unrecognized. Yet, these movements are key to transformative societal shifts. Our mission is to provide these grassroots heroes with a platform to share their stories. By amplifying their voices, we turn global attention to local issues, ensuring they no longer linger in obscurity but lead global conversations on empowerment and sustainability. A new era of collaboration Traditionally, “collaboration” suggests imbalanced dynamics in the development sphere. At Lightup Impact, we envision a world where every voice – regardless of size or influence – is heard equally. This symmetrical collaboration fosters mutual respect and a shared understanding, enriching perspectives. Uniting visions, amplifying impact The development landscape, brimming with passion, often finds visions at odds. Our role is to bridge these divides, crafting a shared purpose among changemakers. United visions lay the groundwork for collective efforts that magnify impact. Creating tomorrow together In an ever-evolving world, rigid solutions fall by the wayside. We’re dedicated to fostering a space for adaptable, sustainable solutions born from community needs. Solutions that flourish not through imposition but from community hearts, ensuring relevance and longevity. Navigating the winds of change At the core of our upcoming conference lie themes dear to our heart:   Grassroots system change: Beyond buzzwords, this signifies a seismic shift in societal norms. By championing grassroots-led system change, we affirm that real, lasting transformation starts from the ground up.   Youth empowerment: The youth lead today, not just tomorrow. Empowering them is an investment in a future they shape, steering policies and politics. Their vigour, innovation, and passion reshape the world.   Supporting the marginalized: Equitable societies treasure their most vulnerable members. Our focus on marginalized groups seeks solutions for their equal access to health, amenities, and politics—their resilience a beacon of inspiration.   Celebrating our community: Our strength lies in the Lightup Impact community. Through this conference, we spotlight remarkable organizations driving change in East Africa. Their stories echo the potential when communities unite for a common purpose.  Forging a path of unity: a journey beyond boundaries As we conclude this tale of shared dreams, we look forward to our partnership with EAPN – two rivers converging, flowing into an ocean of possibilities.    Lightup Impact Days isn’t just an event; it’s a wellspring of hope and transformation for East Africa. So, don’t miss out. There’s still time to join!    The Lightup Impact Team Secure Your Spot at Lightup Impact Days 2023

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