Lightup Impact Days 2023 to #ShiftThePower

Lightup Impact Days 2023

Our 2nd annual conference was a huge success, gathering over 150 delegates from across Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania — all on a mission to #ShiftThePower.  Explore our conference report, blog post, or highlights video below for a closer look at our special event!  Blog post 18Jan A Recap of Lightup Impact Days 2023 – Shifting the Power and Igniting Change Discover highlights from our 2nd Lightup Impact Days conference, where grassroots leaders and… Read More Conference report Video highlights Discover more about the conference Help us drive positive change in East African communitiesJoin our monthly giving program

Systems Change Through Collaboration: Making More Health

In an era where collaboration fuels innovation and impact, Lightup Impact proudly unveils a transformative collaboration with Making More Health (MMH). This alliance signifies a collective commitment to crafting a healthier world through systems change where individuals, communities, and even animals can thrive. Shared value for a healthier world MMH is dedicated to holistic sustainable development. They’ve championed a unique approach through the System Changer Network (SCN) Kenya, a coalition of eight local NGOs working in unison, sharing skills and catalyzing change. This network embodies MMH’s core values and aligns with the global movement, “Shift the Power”, making them ideal partners with Lightup Impact as sponsors of our annual conference,  Lightup Impact Days 2023.   We are thrilled to announce that four outstanding NGOs from SCN Kenya will share their accomplishments in a panel discussion at the event titled: “System Changer Network: How Local NGOs Create Change Together.”   These remarkable organizations include:    Tendo Social Development Group Positive Exposure – Kenya Wa Wa Kenya Mukuru Angaza Film Academy   To delve deeper into the incredible work and stories of these NGOs, explore their blog posts. Unveiling the collaborative force: SCN Kenya and Making More Health At Lightup Impact Days 2023, the spirit of empowerment will take center stage. On 11 September (Day 1 of the conference), panelists from SCN Kenya will discuss the platform their network provides for like-minded and well-matched local NGOs working with different communities and specializations to exchange knowledge and collaborate to develop solutions that go beyond the scope of an individual NGO. SCN Kenya is a unique resource that NGOs can leverage to foster innovative solutions, find strategic partners, and increase their collective knowledge.    Join panelists Cavin Odera (Wa-Wa Kenya), Sam Agutu (Tendo Social Development Group), Francis Gikfufu (Mukuru Angaza Film Academy),  and Jane Waithera (Positive Exposure Kenya), and moderator Mercy Kimalat (CEO of Assek) to discover more about the unique approach of SCN Kenya and how you can apply it to empower your own organization to drive positive change. Our collective impact Our collaboration with MMH enhances our commitment to empowering communities from the grassroots up, aligning perfectly with the theme of Lightup Impact Days 2023.    As we approach the threshold of Lightup Impact Days 2023, a resounding call to action echoes – join us in creating a healthier world and explore the vibrant tapestry of collaboration, innovation, and empowerment.    Learn more about the impactful work of SCN Kenya, and become part of this transformative journey. Together, we are redefining norms and paving the way for transformative change to sculpt a future where shared value shapes destinies and empowers generations to come.    The Lightup Impact Team  Join us in shaping a healthier world

Lightup Impact Days: Everything You Need to Know!

Dear Supporter,   Get ready to embark on an inspiring journey at our upcoming annual conference, Lightup Impact Days 2023. Join us on 11-12 September for two days of innovation, collaboration, and empowerment to create sustainable change in East Africa.   This special edition newsletter is your exclusive gateway to all things conference-related!   We look forward to seeing you there! Join our conference! Be part of something bigger! Discover how you can drive transformative change in East Africa at Lightup Impact Days 2023. #We share everything you need to know, from engaging topics to travel and accommodation, on the Lightup Impact 2023 conference page. #ShiftThePower Empowering local communities lies at the heart of the #ShiftThePower movement. Revolutionize development aid and philanthropy by engaging those who truly understand the challenges and can offer the most effective solutions. For an in-depth exploration of the conference theme, check out our blog article.  Partners in change We are incredibly impressed and deeply grateful for the support, expertise, and commitment we have received from extraordinary individuals and organizations who share our passion for driving positive change and creating a fair and inclusive world for all. We would like to extend a special thanks to our esteemed co-host, the East African Philanthropy Network (EAPN), and our sponsors Standard Media Group, Together Women Can, and Making More Health.   Discover more about our remarkable network of partners, sponsors, and exhibitors here.   Interested in joining our community as a partner, sponsor, or exhibitor? Reach out to us via email at: Connect, learn, and grow Step into a dynamic event that transcends tradition. Engage in discussions, workshops, and training sessions. Be inspired by the exceptional lineup of speakers and thought leaders who will delve into the intricacies of driving system change, innovative solutions, and youth empowerment, among other fascinating topics.   Explore our event program and the impressive lineup. Seize the opportunity to network with outstanding individuals making a difference in East Africa.  Secure your spot today!

Shift the Power: Igniting Change at Lightup Impact Days 2023

In the heart of East Africa, a transformative movement is about to unfold – Lightup Impact Days 2023, our 2nd annual, two-day conference. It’s a celebration of grassroots power, community wisdom, and the shared aspiration for positive change. This year, the theme is crystal clear: “Shift the Power.”   Join us for an experience that promises to challenge norms, amplify voices, and co-create a brighter future. Empowering the Local: The Essence of #ShiftThePower This #ShiftThePower campaign is more than just a hashtag; it’s a rallying cry for a new approach to development aid and philanthropy. We’ve all heard stories of well-intentioned interventions that missed the mark. Consider the tale of a village where women walked to the river daily to fetch water. An external organization installed pumps, pipes, and taps, aiming to alleviate their burden. But the women’s response was unexpected – they resisted the change. Why? Because the daily chore of fetching water was more than just a task; it was an opportunity for them to connect, share, and support each other.  This story exemplifies why the #ShiftThePower movement matters. It’s about recognizing that the solutions lie within communities themselves, and development must be led by those who understand the intricate threads of local life. Lightup Impact Days 2023: A stage for transformation Lightup Impact Days 2023 sets the stage to amplify grassroots leaders and their narratives. This event isn’t just about discussing ideas; it’s about passing the mic to those driving changes from within. For two days, we’ll engage in interactive sessions, dynamic workshops and trainings, and thought-provoking discussions, all centered on the principles of community philanthropy and subsidiarity. The tracks of change: #ShiftThePower in action At the core of Lightup Impact Days are the key tracks that guide our conversations and actions toward impactful outcomes: Beyond the hashtag: walking the talk of change The power shift doesn’t end at the conference doors. We’re not just promoting change, we’re embodying it. Lightup Impact Days is a call for action, urging organizations to re-evaluate their role and become catalysts for bottom-up change. It’s about allocating resources based on subsidiarity – acknowledging that real issues are best addressed at the local level.   The world is witnessing a new democratic movement in philanthropy and development. Community foundations, women’s funds, and social enterprises all challenge the top-down approach. They emphasize that local people are the true architects of their destinies. Lightup Impact Days stands at the crossroads of this movement, where we come together to learn, grow, and shift power. Join the movement: illuminate the path forward Imagine a world where development is not imposed but emerges from the ground up. A world where communities thrive because they have the power to shape their futures. This is the vision of Lightup Impact Days 2023, and you’re invited to be part of it.   As you engage in discussions, network with like-minded changemakers, and immerse yourself in the stories of grassroots heroes, remember that you are igniting a powerful transformation.    So, mark your calendars, pack your passion, and get ready to be part of something extraordinary. Register for Lightup Impact Days 2023

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