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Founder & Co-Director

“Dream big but start small. After all, Rome was not built in one day.”

Valeria is a dreamer and believes in the power of people that together can change the world for the better. She always sees the best in people. She respects and enjoys every aspect of life. She seizes opportunities and she relies a lot in her instincts. For her the glass is always half full.



Co-Director & Communications Manager

“Never make yourself smaller than you are, you are here to expand.”

Eeva is a development geographer. She is passionate about building equality and inclusive communities, where everyone can reach their potential. She loves to write and dance, and believes in the power of creativity and strong collaboration in creating sustainable social and environmental change.



Social Media Manager

Pedro is a young professional from Rio. 

“I do sound and look serious most of the time, but make no mistake: I am quite the funny person. Learning is what I do every day, so exchanging knowledge is one of my favourite activities (nerd alert!). When I am not working or studying, you will find me doing sports, drawing, making lists or eating rice. I love rice.”

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Customer Scouting

“Only together can we do great things”

Jeniffer is a Christian striving to live her purpose and accomplish her destiny. “I am a Changemaker and an Advocate for the UN SDGs especially SDG 1,4, 5 and17. I want to see development and people’s lives changed. I believe that the SDGs are the driving force towards achieving a sustainable planet.”

 Jeniffer envisions seeing an encouraged and motivated youth that understands his/her purpose and is focusing towards achieving it against all odds as she believes a mentored youth is an empowered youth. 

“I love mentoring young people. I believe in the power of togetherness as a force of change. Lightup Impact is the “Light” of today impacting the present lives for a better tomorrow that’s why I am here.”



Communications Volunteer & Community Manager

Aitana is deeply fascinated about bringing cognition and culture together.

“I am looking to dive into human rights and multiculturality, fields I feel might be a good place to find this intersection in action. As a woman, I am also driven to use these tools in alignment with visibilizating all gender-related issues and to honour the omnipresent and powerful female voice. Further, I am very attracted to expression in general, and therefore feel very close to the arts in all forms. As well, I am connected to nature and drawn to a more simple and slow life.”



Communications Volunteer & Blog Writer

“Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.”

Kate is a curious life-long learner and passionate about promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality. She holds a Master of Education degree and is currently working in the Cyber Security industry. Kate loves to learn more about different cultures and meet new people all over the world, so she tries to travel as much as possible. Her other hobbies are creative writing and Thai boxing.



Communications Volunteer

Carolyne is a communications professional with a global mindset who believes that effective communication and partnerships influence positive changes.  She has over 10 years of work experience in the international NGO industry, working with donors, partners to create social and economic impact in communities. She holds an MBA (International Business) and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Communication. She values Loyalty, Integrity, Concern for others, Professionalism and Excellence. Outside work, she likes keeping fit, growing in spiritual matters, nurturing her family and reading materials for personal growth. She is passionate about helping people in need and connecting with nature.



Communications Volunteer & Blog Writer

“Be Consistent. Be Fearless. Deliver quality.”

Lawyer. Founder of The Feminist Book Club.

 “I was raised to believe that education is the key to abundance in life, that through knowledge we get power. I have strived to work on imparting knowledge to everyone I come across since we need to learn each day. With Lightup Impact I am confident that the networking experience, the knowledge, combined with the vision and the mission the organization has, will be fundamental in the education empowerment of women and girls in Kenya. To have people with the same goals and vision, is one thing that keeps me going.”



Business Development Consultant

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Communications Volunteer & Blog Writer

“I’ve always been fascinated by medicine, science, and of course people. Having grown up and lived in South Africa, for most of my life, I’m acutely aware of how devastating social inequality is. One could say it was inevitable that my biggest goal in life would be to help create better social and health systems. I’m fortunate enough that, professionally, I’ve had opportunities in both biomedical research and medical/science communication to do just that. It’s through this kind of work and various outreach activities that I’ve learned just how necessary effective collaboration and communication are in bringing about change in our communities. I’m so happy to be part of this team/organisation whose values, vision, and mission align with my own, and I very much look forward to working together! P.s. I’m a sucker for good food and anything sweet. I also enjoy running after my energetic toddler and spending time on my yoga mat. “

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We are a dynamic and international team all driven by passion and determination because we want to make a difference for the growth of our founders and ultimately for the lives of women and girls that need our guidance and support. We care, we share and we learn together while being focused on achieving our goals as a team.

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